Jazz up Tests, like IPL LAST WORD

Jazz up Tests, like IPL

TV channels battle for TRPs. High TRPs means high sponsorships for them. When we, as participants...

By Sanjay Manjrekar | April 30, 2017
Gen Bikram Singh

Gen Bikram Singh

General Singh is former chief of Army staff. He has commanded Srinagar-based 15 Corps and has also served as deputy force commander of a multi-nation UN Peace Keeping Mission in Congo and as UN Observer in Nicaragua and El Salvador during the early 90s.


  • Terrorism and civil liberties

    Terrorism and civil liberties

    By Gen Bikram Singh | April 23, 2017

    There is a hue and cry every time restrictions are imposed either on the data services—both fixed line and mobile—or on the movement of locals and resources in J&K. While the...

  • A bolder, balanced approach

    A bolder, balanced approach

    By Gen Bikram Singh | April 09, 2017

    China has always objected to the Dalai Lama’s visit to Tawang, besides habitually protesting against all visits by high ranking Indian leaders and foreign dignitaries to...

  • Guns and the youth

    Guns and the youth

    By Gen Bikram Singh | March 26, 2017

    Every killing of a young terrorist raises a question on what inspires the youth to develop an inclination for violence, which makes them ruthlessly destructive and bloodthirsty....

  • Pak’s ‘Hafiz Saeed drama’

    Pak’s ‘Hafiz Saeed drama’

    By Gen Bikram Singh | March 12, 2017

    Three days after Trump signed the controversial executive order banning people from seven majority-Muslim countries from entering the US, Pakistan swung into action and placed...

  • Trump’s unique leadership style

    Trump’s unique leadership style

    By Gen Bikram Singh | February 26, 2017

    Donald Trump’s unconventional and unpredictable approach to foreign policy, national security and domestic issues coupled with his overbearing style and unsavoury commentary, has...

  • Reviving counterterrorism ops

    Reviving counterterrorism ops

    By Gen Bikram Singh | February 12, 2017

    During the swearing-in ceremony, US President Donald Trump, in keeping with his electioneering pledges, declared the intent to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism from the face...

  • Crystal-gazing: security challenges

    Crystal-gazing: security challenges

    By Gen Bikram Singh | January 29, 2017

    The security environment in 2017 will continue to be marked by the same challenges as the previous year, albeit with some changed contours. Various technology-centric trends and...

  • Tough lessons

    Tough lessons

    By Gen Bikram Singh | January 15, 2017

    Jammu and Kashmir witnessed high levels of violence in 2016. According to the Institute for Conflict Management, while there was more than 45 per cent increase in the number of...

  • Challenges for the next Army Chief

    Challenges for the next Army Chief

    By Gen Bikram Singh | January 01, 2017

    Lt Gen Bipin Rawat’s selection as the next Chief of the Indian Army has once again got the Army embroiled in a political controversy as he would be superseding two senior Army...

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