Cary Grant of the East DETOUR

Cary Grant of the East

How can anybody write an ‘objective’ obituary about someone who has been a lifelong crush? I was...

By Shobhaa De | December 17, 2017
Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt

Barkha Dutt is an Emmy-nominated reporter, an author and a columnist. One of India's finest journalists, Dutt is a Contributing Editor of THE WEEK.


  • Keep private lives, private

    By Barkha Dutt | November 26, 2017

    In an election season, most normal decencies are abandoned in the primeval pursuit of power. Our politicians pull no punches in the gladiatorial ring of poll bouts. Even so, the...

  • A no is a no is a no

    A no is a no is a no

    By Barkha Dutt | October 01, 2017

    India’s politicians have missed a chance to make history twice. The first was a cowardly refusal (save a few individual murmurs) to legislate on the rights of the homosexual...

  • Constitution above codes

    Constitution above codes

    By Barkha Dutt | September 03, 2017

    Notwithstanding the interesting irony of an all-male bench passing a historic verdict on an issue that Muslim women have fought for on the front lines, the Supreme Court’s...

  • Women who dare to be disliked

    Women who dare to be disliked

    By Barkha Dutt | August 06, 2017

    There are many reasons to admire Kangana Ranaut—her acting prowess, her stylish good looks, her gumption, her self-made journey to stardom from a village in Manali to the...

  • If I were Muslim...

    If I were Muslim...

    By Barkha Dutt | July 09, 2017

    I am agnostic and entirely non-religious; I do not self-identify with any religion and leave the required column blank in application forms. I suppose you could call me—as my...

  • Studiotronics is turning anchors into actors

    Studiotronics is turning anchors into actors

    By Barkha Dutt | May 14, 2017

    I coined a new word this week—Studiotronics—to capture the hysterical histrionics of studio-bound prime time warriors and the sad and very deliberate descent of daily news into...

  • Bovine justice

    Bovine justice

    By Barkha Dutt | April 16, 2017

    They thrash a man to death and we call them ‘vigilantes’, a rather shameful and disingenuous euphemism for murderers. Pehlu Khan of Haryana is this year’s Mohammad Akhlaq,...

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