Don’t hold your breath! LAST WORD

Don’t hold your breath!

A diplomat friend of mine, returning home after less than three years’ service in India, was asked...

By Shashi Tharoor | March 12, 2017
Geeti Sen

Geeti Sen

Geeti Sen is an art historian and former chief editor at India International Centre, New Delhi.  Her seven major books include her recent essays on India's iconic artists, 'Your History gets in the Way of My Memory'.


  • Sohan Qadri, master of tantric art

    Sohan Qadri, master of tantric art

    By Geeti Sen | February 16, 2017

    Sohan Qadri was initiated into tantric Buddhism at the young age of 16. He practised it to the end of his life, seeking answers through painting

  • Capturing India on a canvas

    Capturing India on a canvas

    By Geeti Sen | December 02, 2016

    Does the question of being Indian become more important if the person is living outside the country? I began to address this issue in my talks when travelling recently to Canada...

  • Torchbearers of art

    Torchbearers of art

    By Geeti Sen | September 29, 2016

    In the 1960s, the artists of Group 1890 played a significant role in pioneering forms of indigenous art expression. We can congratulate the Delhi Art Gallery, Ashish Anand,...

  • Drawing from imagination

    Drawing from imagination

    By Geeti Sen | August 20, 2016

    Some months ago Golak Khandual had brought home his two diaries, filled with his observations and confessions. More marvellous were his drawings that filled the pages. One...

  • Master strokes

    Master strokes

    By Geeti Sen | July 19, 2016

    Nandalal Bose's famous Haripura posters are an ode to Indian rural life and culture

  • The Parsi phenomenon

    The Parsi phenomenon

    By Geeti Sen | May 28, 2016

    As one of the smallest communities in number, the Parsis have made a phenomenal contribution in India. Firstly in business enterprise, and then richly in the fields of the visual...

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