Don’t hold your breath! LAST WORD

Don’t hold your breath!

A diplomat friend of mine, returning home after less than three years’ service in India, was asked...

By Shashi Tharoor | March 12, 2017
Ashwini Nachappa

Ashwini Nachappa

A former athlete, Nachappa is actively involved in social work and is an educationist, too. She is also part of Clean Sports India organisation. An Arjuna Award winner, Nachappa was referred to as India’s 'Flo Jo'. She has also acted in a few Telugu films.

  • Chasing the medal mirage

    Chasing the medal mirage

    By Ashwini Nachappa | March 05, 2017

    After our debacle at the Rio Olympics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a task force for ‘effective participation’ in the 2020, 2024 and 2028 games. A few weeks back, a...

  • We need a new sports culture

    We need a new sports culture

    By Ashwini Nachappa | February 19, 2017

    Culturally, we are not a sporting nation. We have never taken to sport like Australia, the United States, Germany, England, erstwhile USSR and, more recently, China did. But, we...

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