Surprise elections POWER POINT

Surprise elections

Every prime minister with a majority hears the speculation that he or she may prepone the next...

By Sachidananda Murthy | August 27, 2017
R Prasannan

R Prasannan

Prasannan, Chief of Bureau, New Delhi, is an expert in defence and foreign affairs. He takes keen interest in history. He has been with THE WEEK since its launch in 1982.


  • Render unto Caesar by the calendar

    Render unto Caesar by the calendar

    By R Prasannan | August 13, 2017

    Narendra Modi has attempted two big fiscal reforms till date, and is mulling over a third. The first was the note ban, delivered as a ‘surgical strike’, a military euphemism for...

  • Military reform: doctrines in lapse

    Military reform: doctrines in lapse

    By R Prasannan | July 30, 2017

    There is a stalemate at Doklam. In chess and warfare, a stalemate is reached when neither side is able to march forward, backward or sideward. But the Chinese have stolen a...

  • God, glory and gore

    God, glory and gore

    By R Prasannan | July 16, 2017

    Narendra Modi’s Israel visit was historic. He is the first Indian prime minister to go there. It was also historical. It recalled several events in the making of Israel. Indians...

  • Narasimha Rao’s Kohl-lined reforms

    Narasimha Rao’s Kohl-lined reforms

    By R Prasannan | July 02, 2017

    Narendra Modi condoled the death of former German chancellor Helmut Kohl, describing him a “statesman, architect of German unification and ardent believer in European...

  • Godspeed on the net

    Godspeed on the net

    By R Prasannan | June 18, 2017

    There are a few iconic photos—which look ironic too—in the annals of Indian rocket science. One is of the nose-cone of a rocket being taken on a bicycle in the 1960s; another is...

  • Strangers on train, politically

    Strangers on train, politically

    By R Prasannan | June 04, 2017

    The Queen of the Arabian Sea is waiting for Narendra Modi with her new necklace. I am talking of Kochi, and her necklace-like metro line. The Kochi Metro, built in the shortest...

  • Sultan at the crossroads

    Sultan at the crossroads

    By R Prasannan | May 21, 2017

    Mao Zedong once denounced Genghis Khan as another barbarian warlord, but Xi Jinping seems to have illusions of being a modern-day Genghis. In the 13th century Genghis overran...

  • Striptease on Raisina Hill

    Striptease on Raisina Hill

    By R Prasannan | April 23, 2017

    Legend has it that Lady Godiva, the comely Countess of Mercia, rode naked through the streets of Coventry to save the peasantry from her husband's excessive taxes. The good...

  • Secret of the Kashmir tunnels

    Secret of the Kashmir tunnels

    By R Prasannan | April 09, 2017

    Edgar Allan Poe’s short story The Oblong Box is about a man who carries a large mysterious box on a sea voyage which ends in disaster. It is later revealed that the box had...

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